Wycliffe Village Veterinary Clinic

Pet Loss Support

Losing a pet, no matter how long he has been with you, is a difficult time.


There are many things to consider and being prepared with the right information is crucial. Our staff is here to listen and assist you during this difficult time. Here are some questions you might consider and discuss with one of our veterinarians.


•Under what circumstances should you consider pet euthanasia?

•If and when the time comes what will your decision criteria be?

•Do you want to be present when your pet is euthanized?

•What is your preference for dealing with your pet’s remains – burial, cremation, other?


You shouldn’t put off making these discussions until a crisis occurs with your pet. Waiting can force you to make snap decisions at a time when you are distraught.


Making this decision is never easy even with plenty of preparation, when it comes to emotions. This is a most personal decision that a caregiver has to make.


If you are struggling with this decision, considering these questions may help:

•Is my pet getting enjoyment from his day to day life, or is his existence simply something to be endured, with no real quality of life?

•Do my pet’s `good days’ still outnumber the `bad days’, or are the `good days’ rare or nonexistent?

•Is my pet in pain?

•Has my pet stopped eating and drinking?

•What opinion does my veterinarian have?

There are many support groups that you can contact to help you as well. Consider using them before and after your decision is made.





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