Wycliffe Village Veterinary Clinic


Information about microchips:


It is a small microchip; it is about the size of a grain of rice, which is inserted with a needle between the shoulder blades of your pet. This is quick and painless procedure, much like a vaccine.

•This onetime fee is good for the life of your pet.

•It is permanently available even if your pet losses their collar.

•Registration is FREE and lasts for your pet’s entire life.

•Your pet can be identified anywhere, anytime 24/7.

•You can provide the registration company with any medical issues your pet may have so that when they are found appropriate care can be given to them.

•Some municipalities will give you a significant discount on your pet’s license if your pet is microchipped. (Consult  your local municipality for details)


Many pets get away from their family’s every year or are even taken from their homes by not so nice people. With a microchip, your pet can be scanned anywhere, shelters or veterinary clinics.

When found the Pet Recovery Network is contacted and then you are contacted to let you know where you can pick up your pet.


Remember; collars can be lost or removed and tattoos fade and distort as a pet grows. A permanent identification will prevent you from losing your best friend forever.