Wycliffe Village Veterinary Clinic


We offer grooming services for both canine and feline pets at our sister clinic. Grooming is beneficial to your pets’ health aside from good looks and great smell.


A matted coat can attract unwanted bugs such as flies and fleas in the summer months not to mention all the grass clippings. It causes discomfort to your pet as it tugs on their skin and can be painful. Grooming will keep not only the coat looking great but keep the skin healthy as well. Brushing your pet daily is a great way to keep the coat from matting between grooming appointments and will create a bond between you and your dog. Ask one of our staff members which brush would be most beneficial for your pets’ coat.


Grooming includes: nail cutting, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, and a bath.


New clients are always welcome!


The veterinarian may be called to examine the anal glands if the groomer has any concerns.


Costs are determined by what breed and style you wish your pet to have. Many factors contribute to the price: condition of haircoat, behaviour of your pet, if any medicated shampoos are necessary, just to name a few. All grooming services are by appointment only. There is an extra charge added if your dog is difficult to handle or aggressive (keep in mind that there is a limit to the aggression allowed).


Prices are subject to change at any given time. Vaccinations MUST be up to date or pet’s may not be admitted for grooming for their own safety as well as others. A record of vaccinations must be presented at the time of admission if not done prior.


Do’s and Don’ts




Bring your pet in on a regular basis

Have your pet’s nails trimmed at least every 4 weeks

Communicate your wishes clearly to your groomer to avoid misunderstandings

Inform the groomer of any medical conditions your pet may have

Make sure your pet relieves himself prior to his grooming appointment

Listen to your groomer’s suggestions about your pet

Always make sure you let the groomer know of your dog’s behaviour, especially if he can become aggressive when handled a certain way




Bathe your pet between grooming unless you are sure all the tangles are brushed out first

Use human shampoo or detergents on your pet

Expect your groomer to be able to leave much hair on a pet that comes in with extensively matted haircoat. A short shave may be necessary to prevent undue discomfort to your pet during the groom

Forget to inform your groomer of any sensitive areas that your pet may have

Forget to brush AND comb your pet between professional grooming

Bring in a dirty dog and expect the groomer to give him a haircut without having a bath first