Wycliffe Village Veterinary Clinic

About us

After Dr. Mankarious's graduation, in 1990 he worked at several small animal hospitals in different countries in which he lived.

When Dr. Mankarious came to Canada he joined the VSTEP program (2006) at the University of Guelph, where he graduated first in his class in small animal medicine. Dr. Mankarious started his career in Canada as a full time emergency veterinarian for 6 years, going back and forth between Ottawa Vet. Hospital and North Town Vet. Hospital where he gained tremendous knowledge and a lot of experience.

In 2008 Dr. Mankarious established his first veterinary clinic ( Wycliffe Village Vet. Clinic) then in 2011 he  acquired his second office in Concord ( Simpson Vet. Clinic) where he could practice the quality service he always strived towards.

For pleasure,

Dr. Mankarious spends his spare time with his wife Mary, son Cyril and daughter Silvie who are both aspiring veterinarians.

Also Dr. Mankarious treasures the company of his beloved family members- Gnar the Pom poodle, the cats Lindor and molly and the African parrot Joey.

Dr . Mankarious received his diploma in theological studies from the University of Divinity In March 2019.  Dr. Mankarious’s major centred on the Old Testament and understanding the Book of Isaiah.